Friday, June 27, 2014

Class Act at Jesse's Steaks, Seafood, & Tavern

And the Taste Buds say....

Say YES to Jesse's Steaks, Seafood & Tavern brownie a la 'licious!  Not only was the presentation breath taking amazing, the goodness inside the dish was nothing shy of perfection.  I liked the added the perfect crunch to the brownie.  It was more of a cake like brownie...which as those that follow this blog know my preference is gooey brownies...but this is probably the best cake-like brownie I have had.  It was the perfect combo of warm brownie, ice cream, and nuts.    It was just warm enough to melt the ice cream at the perfect pace.  I didn't feel rushed to eat it before the ice cream melted, I was only rushed to get all the goodness inside of me!  

Well done Jesse's!  

Staff was amazing and the atmosphere was cozy and elegant.  

5 scoops of ice cream rating for this one!

The Story Behind the Brownie A La Mode