Monday, July 25, 2011

Red Lobster - Seconds, please!

And the Taste Buds Say....
Nothing... they can't.  They are to busy savoring every minute of this brownie!  Seriously, delicious!!  When I took my first bite, my friend sitting across the table said, "Now that is the look of a great brownie."  I liked the fact that it was nice and warm and just gooey enough to taste all the chocolate.  The toppings were simple, but just enough.  Not too much to over power or take away from the brownie.  The carmel was a good touch.  

My only thing is, give me more!  When our waiter, Donavan, brought it out and put it on the table I wanted to ask him if he ate half our brownie.  It looked so small.  Donavan was great at putting up with our comments and did a wonderful job serving us.  The manager came by and explained to us the reasoning for the size.  Stating that it's on their dinner deal where you get a soup, main course and a dessert... so they didn't want something too big after all that food.... understandable, but come on... give me more.  I LOVE brownies!  I'm telling ya, this is worth coming in for just the brownie, but make sure you get your own.  You will want every bite.  Since it is a little small, the price is also small, so if you want just a taste or something little, it might fit you.  But as I said before, give me more!  

So, this one now moves up to my #2 Brownie.  Taking Chili's down to #3.  Make it a little bigger and they might see themselves making the #1 spot on this oh so important blog!  

Amazing chocolate yumminess! 

Adventure and Memory behind the brownie....
On this latest adventure I was join anxiously by my dear friend Nicole.  Nicole and I use to work together at my previous employer and quickly became friends over our common love for FOOD!  When ever we were at a luncheon or something where they would say, "Ok, come dish up your plates..." and everyone hangs back for a minute not wanting to be the first in line... Nicole and I would gladly break the ice and be the first in line.  Not only were we the first in line, but once the line went down we would look at each other, give the look, and be back in line again for seconds.  It was always nice to know I had someone else there to make the seconds trip with... That can be an awkward trip to take alone.  It's like the trip you have to take walking into a party and everyone already knows each other and you're coming in late.  Or the trip to go up to talk to the judge about your speeding ticket in front of everyone.  Or the trip you make into a panel interview feeling like you're about to be put in front of a firing squad... all trips you don't want to make alone, but you have to just do it.  But taking the trip for seconds is so much more enjoyable with someone.  And Nicole was always there for me on my trip for seconds (and sometimes thirds....), my dear Seconds Buddy.  

This night happened when my sister mentioned on my Facebook page that she had the brownie a-la-mode at Red Lobster, thought it was amazing, but wanted to see what the expert had to say about it, aka.....ME.  Nicole saw this posting and wanted to join in.  So we went in JUST for the goodness.  When we got there, sat down and looked at the dessert menu, it was no where to be found.  So we started thinking of other places to go.  We were ready to leave when Donavan, our server, came and saved the day by informing us they did in deed have one.  Phew!  The night was saved!  I can't imagine what would have happened had we not experienced this amazing chocolate yumminess!  

Nicole is such a women of faith.  It has been a blessing to have her in my life.  So many laughs and memorable moments.  Our favorite topic would have to be boys!  Now she has only one handsome boy she loves that she talks about, but I still get to talk about boys!  She is so good to listen and give frank and honest feedback!  A dear dear friend that I am honored to share this brownie with.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chili's - Don't need all that Jazz...

And the Taste Buds Say...
Heaven!  Oh my goodness, this was the best brownie a la mode.  It may not have tons of whip cream and a cherry on top, but when you're as good as this brownie, you don't need all that jazz.  The brownie was warm and gooey.  Which caused the ice cream to melt just enough to mix in with the chocolate sauce.  The nuts were just enough that they weren't overwhelming.  It was de- wait for it - licious!  I was there with other people and I was actually thinking, "How do I tell them to get their own?"  But I was nice and opened the invitation for all to join in the goodness!  At the time, this became my number one brownie a-la-mode, until two days later.  This is currently ranked as my #2 brownie a-la-mode.  

Adventure and Memory behind the brownie...
Chili's are all over the US, in almost every city, every airport and even a few miles apart from each other.  But this particular experience I was in Pt. Arthur, Tx for work.  I was going to be there all week and was joined by three other colleagues.  We went to dinner at Chili's and I was sitting next to Tracy and that is when the fun began.  Tracy tells the funniest stories and while we were at dinner this time he got more and more animated with each story.  To the point that he would keep hitting my arm or pushing me when he got to the punch line or say something funny.  It was so funny.  At one point I finally said, "Quick hitting me."  He didn't even realize he was doing it.  I said to Sarah, "Why aren't you sitting next to me rather than Tracy?"  To which Tracy responded, "I can't sit on that side.  I won't sit with two dudes on one side of the booth."  The dinner was a lot of fun...and painful.