Sunday, December 18, 2016

Presentation is Gorgeous! - BRC

And the taste buds say....

Not too shabby.  Nothing great, but worth eating!  Honestly, it's been several months since I've eaten this brownie, and I didn't take notes, so don't take this one too seriously (because I know you take the other ones oh so seriously.... :) ).  But the fact that it has been several months and I don't remember it, also says a lot compared to the other ones, where I can still taste them and love them!  This is what I DO remember.  I remember I ate it for an appetizer because I wanted to have room for it.  I remember eating it all... so it was good.  I remember that the ice cream was really really good.  I remember thinking, yeah, this is really a happy hour place and I"m sure they are not known for their brownie a la mode.  I also remember how great our server was... really nice guy.  I also remember that it ate some of Justin's as well... so yeah, it was good... just not great.  The atmosphere was really cool though!  Fun place!

Rating: 2.5 Scoops

The story behind the Brownie - a - la - mode...

Houston does a really cool thing in August called Houston Restaurant Weeks.  For the month of August certain restaurants around town develop a set menu and if you order off that menu a certain amount of your meal goes to the Houston Food Bank.  My friend Justin and I went to a movie one afternoon and we decided to go eat at one of these restaurants and the way we decided on BRC is because they had this brownie a la mode on their menu.  So off we went.  This is the time that Justin is learning lots of weird things I do... like 1. have a blog on brownie a la modes.  2. order my dessert before my meal  and eat it as an appetizer 3. because of #2, I get to also enjoy some of his dessert at the end of meal... 

It was the beginning of a lovely friendship!

No Time to Wait for this Yumminess! - Sunflower Bakery & Cafe Galveston

And the Taste Buds say....

"OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!"  Not even's so good you have to say the words  Seriously, this brownie (I know, it's not an a-la-mode) was so yummy.  It's called the nut cheesecake brownie.  Our server...really nice guy... said that it's good if you let it thaw out, but seriously, who can wait that long?  I couldn't wait for it to thaw out.  It was very yummy with a chocolatey and surgery crunch.  Even right now writing this almost 6 months later, I'm craving one right now.  If you're ever in Galveston, stop at the Sunflower Bakery & Cafe for yummy regular food, but mainly for this brownie!

The story behind the brownie (not a-la-mode)

So, obviously, I'm playing catch up with my brownies over the past year.... This is one from this summer.  My friend Justin and I love to go and try new things in Houston and one day he called me up and asked if I wanted to go to the Sand Castle competition with him in Galveston... heck yes, that sounds like fun!  So we went... Neither of us were prepared for this event.  Some how in my mind I was thinking of a sand castle competition in California with a board walk and shops and places to eat, some shade... somewhere, some show on TV or movie or something gave me this idea of what it is like.... I was WAY off and so was Justin.  It was literally just right on the beach, duh, I know, but no stores, no boardwalk, no food, no water, no shade... just there on the beach.  We were both fully dressed, no sunscreen, so swimsuits, no water, no snacks, no chairs to sit in and wait ALL day for them to finish their sculptures... We got out of the car and both just laughed and said, "Duh!  why did we not wear our swimsuits to the beach!"  LOL! I was wearing shite shorts, so couldn't even just sit in the sand to rest...It was a HOT Texas summer day and we were dying!  BUT... it was still amazing!  I was amazed at what these people were able to do with sand and how much effort they put into their work.  It was a pretty cool site.  

This is my sandcastle... the octopus shown on one of the steps.... see how I'm fully dressed?

AND... I had the kindest thing happen.  We had been there for quite some time and were getting burned, getting thirty, and hot... and I saw this girl drinking a bottle water and I asked her, "Where did you get that water from?  Did you buy it somewhere?"  "No, we brought it with us." as she points to a cooler.  I simply said, "Oh, that is brilliant!  K, thank you!"  and started to walk away.  Then she said, "Here.  You have this.  I have more.  Girl, you have to stay hydrated.  And here, give one to him as well."  I was too thirty to refuse.  I took the drink and told her, "Thank you for your kindness.  You made my day."  I offered to pay for the drink, but she refused.  I love kind people.  

We had two more hours to go before they started judging the art.  We couldn't wait.  We left and headed to Sunflower Bakery & Cafe.  It was soon good! Perfect way to end a fun day.  Thanks Justin for suggesting we go experience the competition.  2017 we will be prepared and make a day of it and maybe be able to stick around to hear the winner!

I'd come just for the Brownie if the Fajitas weren't so good! - Lupe's Tortillas

And the taste buds say....

"I will make room for this yumminess even though I am stuffed with fajitas!"  One wouldn't think that a Mexican restaurant would 1. have a brownie a la mode and 2. have such a delicious brownie a la mode.  Seriously.... this was Ah.mazing!  It was chewy on the inside (which all you followers... all 3 of you... know how much I love chewy brownies compared to the cake-like brownies) with a nice crunchy cover to it!  The walnuts were a perfect touch... I loved the caramel touch as well.  It was nice and warm, which made the ice cream start to melt making the ice cream nice and soft.  The portion was a good size after the meal, but if I came for just the brownie (which, who does that when you have Lupe's fajitas to eat...) I'd want a bigger piece.  Seriously though, it was ah.mazing.  I'm putting it up there with Papa's Seafood....making it my second favorite brownie a la mode in the city of Houston right now!  So Houston... who can beat this brownie a la mode?  

Rating:  4.5 scoops of ice cream!

The Story Behind the Brownie a la mode....

It has been awhile since I have updated my blog and yet, I have eaten many...many... brownie a la modes in the name of the blog and haven't posted them.... but because of the person that exposed me to this ah.mazing brownie, I feel I owe it to the world (all three of you that are following this....) to keep going... or at least post because I keep telling people I have this blog! So you all have Adam to thank for this and my future post.

Quick update since my last post... I have been in Houston now for over 14 months... and LOVE it.  I bought a house inside the loop...official an "inner Looper" here... and am loving the Urban living downtown Houston.  

When I first started looking in this area I was introduced to Adam by a mutual friend saying that he, Adam, would be a great help to me about learning about the area.  So Adam and I exchanged numbers...talked for a bit... and come to find out, I knew more about the area then he did!  LOL!  BUT... because of Adam my life has changed!  I now know about Jenni's Noodles, which I am addicted to, The popsicle place, AND.... Lupe's Tortillas.  and I'm pretty sure there will be more to add to this list.

This night we went to Lupe's... 'Try the beef fajitas,' he said.  "You won't be disappoint," he said.  "There's really no other reason to come to Lupe's." he said.  "in my opinion, the chicken fajita meet just sits there next to the beef meat and is a disappointment," he said.  So I tried the beef fajitas... He was right.  YUMMINESS!  So good!  Thank you Adam for introducing Lupe's fajitas to me.  You changed my life!  ...AND... And... I got to eat this yumminess of a brownie a la mode!  so to that... thank you as well!  AND....And... I was motivated to start up my blog again.... so thank you as well!

Here's to many more Lupe's visits... and discovering other cool Houston places!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Birthday Brownies!

Birthday full of Brownie Fun!  

OMG!  What a birthday of fun!  I had so many yummy brownie-a-la modes!  People know me well!  :)  What better gift then a yummy deliciousness of chocolate and ice cream and what ever else was topped on the brownie!  

As many of you know, I celebrate my birthday MONTH!  So a lot of it was celebrated in Houston, but then I went home to San Antonio to celebrate there with friends and family.  Such a fun birthday.  I'll only recap the brownie connections though...

Quick recap on all the fun - 

Top picture is at KERBEY LANE in Austin, Tx.  Even though I did not have a brownie a la mode this day... I have had it there several times... and I LOVE their brownie-a-la goodness.  Janet and I made a special trip up to Austin to enjoy Kerbey Queso and all their other good food (as seen in the picuture).  So I didn't have room for the brownie.  Our trip was to Austin with a stop in San Marcos to pick out my birthday gift at the Coach outlet, and Janet is such a great friend, she had to get one with me.  Fun tradition with Janet...buying purses.  

Friday night I spent with my folks!  They asked where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner.... I picked Bill Miller's Bar-B-Q!  I have been craving their fried chicken and brownies while I've been in Houston, so this was my first pick.  It was a fun night with mom & dad.  I love them so much!  I worked at Bill Miller's in High School.  It was fun coming back and reminiscing about the days of dropping chicken and scrubbing the floors.  I still love their brownies!  

Next photos are from Chili's!  I love Chili's!  We went there on March 17th after going to Sky Zone...hence the sweatiness.... We also watched the Gonzaga game... they won!  Chili's has a new brownie - a - la - mode.... and it's YUMMMMMY!  

And then, what better way to celebrate a birthday then to have a BROWNIE A LA MODE BAR!  Two of my best friends came to visit me with their families to celebrate and we had a brownie a la mode.  It was so perfect idea.  I love Lisa and Sunshine so much!  It was a blessing to have them here that weekend.  It was so fun having their families here too.  It was fun having the girls play together and get to know each other.  We spent the day at the Rodeo and then the big girls got to stay for the Billy Currington concert while the dad's took the little ones home.  It was a perfect weekend.  I am so grateful for their friendship!  

The next one was from Bordeaux in Houston.  I had gone to lunch my birthday week with a friend at work.  It was fun to catch up.  Their yummy brownie "cake" like thing was really delicious.  I was suppose to save it for two days....yeah, that didn't happen.  :)

Wednesday night, my birthday eve, I had a date to Dave and Busters.  I had already eaten, but had room for a BROOKIE!  It's a brownie and a cookie combined.  It was alright.  I'm glad I'm not doing a full blog just on that one cuz it wouldn't be in their favor.... it wasn't bad, nut not that yummy.  

And then, the last picture.... SO GOOD!  My mom made a double decker brownie a la mode with chocolate chunks and a layer of caramel topped with ice cream and drizzled with chocolate and caramel.  It was SOOO YUMMY!!!  I am so grateful for my mom and all that she does for me.  She is so giving.  She stayed up late the night before making my favorite dinner and the brownies.  I am so grateful for her love and all she does for me.  

I didn't take a picture, but my friends at work were amazing!  They decorated the office and made so many yummy foods and brought them in.  They made brownies, brought Buckee's kolachies, and so many other treats.  They made it a special special day!  The lab also surprised me with a cake!  It made me feel so special!  What a day!

So my birthday was  I felt so much love.  I am so grateful for all the people in my life that I have been blessed to have a part of it.  I feel honored to know them and I am the person I am because of their love and example.  Truly blessed!! 

It was an amazing birthday!  

So..... As you can see, I have eaten a lot of brownies!  In the process of this, Easter candy, and a rough year, I have gained a lot of weight... SOOOO... the future post for awhile will be catching up on brownies over the years.  And.... I am ready to loose the weight... so LOOSE the WEIGHT at 38 and get to 138!  Here I go!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Life Changing Brownie a la mode! Pappa's Seafood

And the taste buds say....

OMG, as if the seafood here isn't amazing enough, this brownie-a-la-mode is life changing!!  This Turtle Fudge Brownie is two layers of amaziness!  Two layered brownie with a thick layer of caramel in between them that makes it to die for!  The brownies are gooey, but cakey at the same time.... a good balance of both.  Pecans are baked into the brownie and then it's topped with chocolate sauce, powder sugar, and of course ice cream!  Seriously, you bite into this and you think, "This is the perfect brownie a la mode!"  It's meant to be shared with 6 - 8 people, but sadly enough, the first time I had this mouth full of yumminess, I ate all but two bites.  You just can't stop eating it.  The ice cream melts just at the right speed.  So share it if you'd like, but if you eat it all by yourself, I won't judge!  Good job Pappa's!

Rating: 5 full scoops of ice cream!

The Story Behind the Brownie a la mode

The first time I ate this brownie was when I was traveling for work with my co-worker Paul.  It had been a long trip, long hours training, and we were beat.  So we decided to go to a little nicer place then my usual Taco Cabana or Chick-fil-a.  People at the refinery had been telling us about this place (and now that I work at this location, I know the people at the refinery go there all the time!) so we decided to check it out.  It was yummy.  The seafood was so good.  Of course I checked the menu for a brownie a la mode and it was there... so we of course had to order it... in the name of the blog of course... (2 years later I'm writing about it.... :) ).  It was SO good!  as mentioned in my review above.  Paul literally had two bites and I ate the rest.  It was amazing and yet disgusting at the same time!  :)  My taste buds kept saying.... MORE MORE MORE... while my stomach was asking, "Where the heck is this suppose to go?"  I was pretty sick that night... but so worth it!  Maybe you really should share it with someone.  

My latest adventure with this brownie is why I titled this entry Life Changing Brownie.  So it had been several years since Paul and I had traveled to Houston for that trip, and little did I know that several years later I would be at the same restaurant at a table for a lunch on a job interview with my potential future team.  So the story goes..... 

For the past couple years I always thought it would be great to work out at one of the refineries within my company.  I clearly spent a lot of time traveling to them, but still never felt connected or really understood the business because I would pack up and leave at the end of the week and head to another place.  So I always wanted to get that experience so I could really know the business.  The past couple years a couple opportunities presented themselves, but it never felt right.  I was still working on my Masters and it just wasn't the time.  Then I graduated in April.... Go ZAGS!... and felt there was a need for a change.  I started dating my ex-boyfriend again and was excited for our future together.  He was living in Beaumont, Tx and was much closer to me then Dumas, Tx.  In July, a position opened up at our Houston Refinery as an HR Generalist.  I was so excited about the opportunity professionally and personally!  I was looking for an opportunity to get out to a refinery and I loved the people at the Houston Refinery and felt it was a perfect fit.  The fact that I would only be an hour away from Bill was even better!  So feeling completely scared and excited at the same time, I applied for the position.  and then, waited and waited and waited and waited and waited... and... then finally in September I got the call asking if I would come in for an interview.  I was SO NERVOUS!  Even though I knew the people I was interviewing with, I still was unsure if it was going to work out.  I was scared if it didn't work out... and I was scared if it did work out!  I would be selling my house, leaving behind my friends, family and life of 27 years, and starting a whole new career, and marrying this man and starting that whole new life... all just nerve recking!  But I went in, did my best, and hoped for the best.  

At lunch I went with just my teammates for lunch.  We went to Pappa's Seafood.  And I probably felt a little too comfortable and if I was on any other interview I wouldn't have done this, but I saw they had a brownie a la mode and of course suggested we get it... in the name of the blog of course... So we did.  and we shared it... HEAVEN!  I'd forgotten how much I loved this brownie and clearly forgotten that I was on a job interview because I took the picture of the brownie, told the story about my blog, told some stories that are on my blog...yeah, how old am I? 12?  I completely forgot about all the interviewing rules!  Looking back now, I wonder how I really got this job!  :)  Heavenly Father really needs me here.  

The rest of the day passed and I drove home excited and exhausted.  A few weeks later I received the call with an offer to join the Houston Refinery HR team.  I was so excited!  ...and nervous... and excited!  

This brownie was truly a part of a life changing event in my life.  In a months time I put my house up on the market, found a place to live in Houston (three trips), wrapped up my old job, did training for my new job, sold my house, and moved to Houston.... literally in 4 weeks!  It was a crazy world wind.  I would not have been able to do it with out my amazing Mom, sister and dear friends.  

I have now been in Houston for 3.5 months and am loving my adventure here.  I have met amazing people.  I LOVE love LOVE my job.  I love the people I get to work with.  I love wearing nomex to work everyday.  I love the challenge it is and how much I am learning.  I have learned SO much.  I am grateful for the patience my co-workers and others have shown me.  and also the kindness people have shown me.  I look forward to making a difference in my new role and learning all I can.  I am excited about the adventures that are yet to come.  I know that the Lord has a purpose for me in Houston, Texas and I am excited to see His hand in my life here.