Sunday, December 18, 2016

Presentation is Gorgeous! - BRC

And the taste buds say....

Not too shabby.  Nothing great, but worth eating!  Honestly, it's been several months since I've eaten this brownie, and I didn't take notes, so don't take this one too seriously (because I know you take the other ones oh so seriously.... :) ).  But the fact that it has been several months and I don't remember it, also says a lot compared to the other ones, where I can still taste them and love them!  This is what I DO remember.  I remember I ate it for an appetizer because I wanted to have room for it.  I remember eating it all... so it was good.  I remember that the ice cream was really really good.  I remember thinking, yeah, this is really a happy hour place and I"m sure they are not known for their brownie a la mode.  I also remember how great our server was... really nice guy.  I also remember that it ate some of Justin's as well... so yeah, it was good... just not great.  The atmosphere was really cool though!  Fun place!

Rating: 2.5 Scoops

The story behind the Brownie - a - la - mode...

Houston does a really cool thing in August called Houston Restaurant Weeks.  For the month of August certain restaurants around town develop a set menu and if you order off that menu a certain amount of your meal goes to the Houston Food Bank.  My friend Justin and I went to a movie one afternoon and we decided to go eat at one of these restaurants and the way we decided on BRC is because they had this brownie a la mode on their menu.  So off we went.  This is the time that Justin is learning lots of weird things I do... like 1. have a blog on brownie a la modes.  2. order my dessert before my meal  and eat it as an appetizer 3. because of #2, I get to also enjoy some of his dessert at the end of meal... 

It was the beginning of a lovely friendship!

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  1. I love your updates. 3 of them at once! I knew you were eating brownies and not reporting. ;)

    I stopped blogging myself last spring, and haven't been reading anyone's updates, so I only caught yours because I've been spending my day on Shutterfly making LAST year's photobook for my kiddos. I had to go out to my blog to see what the heck we had been doing, and immediately I noticed your updates! Keep up the good work, Kati. Love you tons!