Sunday, September 25, 2011

Red Robin - To Think There Could Have Been More....

And the Taste Buds Say....
This is a pretty yummy brownie.  Red Robin is one of my favorite places to eat.  I always have great customer service...yummy burger and De-lious bottomless fries.  My new love there is the Apple something salad.  Oh man that is so good...and which is good that I like it because now I can have the salad and not feel bad about getting the Brownie a la mode.   I have never found anything on that menu I don't like, and the Brownie a la mode continues to keep this a true statement.  Our server, Justin and the manager, hooked us up with a half order of the brownie a la mode.  We were already stuffed and just wanted to taste it to blog about it and they totally hooked us up.   So, don't be fooled by the pictures above... this goodness is really much bigger.  The brownie was good.  The presentation was very inviting.  I couldn't wait to eat it!   It was more on the cakey side, but really good.  So if you like cakey brownies, you will like this one.  I loved the Blue Bell Ice Cream... can't go wrong with Blue Bell.  I loved the carmel and chocolate swirls.  The brownie was warm which is always a plus... or actually and exclamation point.  It did have nuts it in.  I liked the nuts, Steven doesn't like nuts in his brownies, so he wasn't a fan of that part.  

Over all, I thought it was a yummy brownie a la mode.  I would defiantly order it again... this time I would order the full order of goodness.    

I would give it 3.75 scoops of ice cream out of 5.  

The Memory and Adventure Behind the Brownie....
Steven and I were starving one night this week, so we decided to go to Red Robin for dinner. Any time with Steven is always a good time....and this time it was no different.  At dinner when the brownie a la mode came we asked Justin for a menu.  I needed it to take the picture.  So, he went to go get it, but mean while I have this bowl of goodness sitting in front of me that can't be eaten until I take a picture with the menu.  Justin, must have gotten side tracked by his other tables, and was taking awhile to come back with this oh so important thing... I mean, really what's more important, a crazy lady that blogs about brownies and her menu or someone putting in their order or having their actual food brought to them... don't answer that.... so we are waiting.  Justin ain't comin', so Steven gets up and goes over to the table next to us and asked the Dad if he could barrow his menu for just one minute.  It was awkward and weird... and totally Steven.  

After a LONG visit to Pro Bass Shop, Steven unwillingly helped me put up a shelf on my bedroom wall.  It was a project I attempted a few nights back that didn't really reach that of what other people would call success.  So I asked Steve, "Mr. I can fix anything", to help me.    The rest of the evening was spent making fun of me and the way I did it earlier.  He made the comment that I need to get a handy man.  I told him I am looking for a permanent one.  After a good long while, the shelf got put up.  Mirrors and candles placed there on and wha-la... beauty all around.  It took a little longer than needed, but that's what happens when you're having to fix things done wrong the first time.... thanks Steven for your help.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bistro Byronz - The Best Non-Brownie Brownie Ever

And the Taste Buds Say....
A-Mazing!  This was so delicious!  Even though it's techically not an actual brownie... it's pretty dang close... in fact this is more of a brownie then Stone Werks so claimed brownie is a brownie.  You can read the story below to see why I am posting it at all if it's technically not a brownie, but let me tell you about this Heavenly Hash Supreme.  It was a cakelike/brownielike goodness that had marshmallows and almonds scattered in it.  Then topped with three generous scoops of vanilla ice cream, THEN drizzled with carmel and chocolate syrup and THEN a light  sprinkle of power sugar.  OH MY GOODNESS... it was delicious! 

 If you are ever in Shreveport or Baton Rouge... check it out.  The rest of the food on the menu is just as good.  

The Memory and Adventure behind the Brownie a la mode...

This is actually an old memory.  This was back in May when I experienced this goodness.   I was out in Shreveport visiting my dear best friend Lisa and her husband Andrew.  Lisa and Andrew would soon be expecting their fist little baby girl.  I was so excited for them.  So I drove out to help Lisa with the nursery.  They had already done a lot of the big stuff, but she just had her showers and all the little stuff needed to be done.  So I went to spend the weekend with them.  

It was a fun weekend.  Lisa and I went to breakfast, cute little baby boutiques, Hobby Lobby, and who knows where else.  We went home and got to work decorations.  The nursery turned out so cute!  We loved it.  At one point Andrew said to Lisa, "I'm so glad she came because I would not want to do any of that stuff.  I'm glad she came to do it with you."  

That night we went to dinner at Bistro Byronz.  This is right after I decided to do my blog.  This technically should be my third brownie entry.  I asked our server if they had a brownie a la mode.  She said, "We have something that is like a brownie, but it's not technically a brownie, we describe it as a cake."  Then she got real soft, leaned in and said, "But I think it's a brownie."  She went on to describe it... wow... that sounds delicious.  I told her, "I don't need it if it's not a brownie.  I do a blog on brownie a la modes."  She was intrigued and said, "well, you should try it any ways.  I'm going to get you one to try."  OK..  I'm not going to pass that down!  So she brought us the goodness you see above... we ate every bite.  She asked how it was.  I said, "It's the best non-brownie brownie I have ever had."  When the bill came I told her I would take the bill and she said, "Oh, no.  That was on the house.  I got it for you."  Every bite became even better at that moment.  It was the nicest thing ever, so I made sure to be nice in my tip to her.  So that is why I had to put it in my blog.    

It was a wonderful weekend with wonderful friends and yummy non brownies.  

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Zea's - Rich and Worth Every Calorie!

And the Taste Buds Say....
RICH and DELICIOUS!  After a yummy dinner of Thai rub ribs, corn grits and sweet mash potatoes, I got to indulge in the most delicious brownie I had in awhile.  I loved the presentation.  It looked very classy and matched the feel of the restaurant.  The brownie was so rich.  I couldn't even eat it all.  That is saying a lot.  The brownie is gooey and yummy.  The ice cream is what really made it.  Creamy.  I couldn't get over how light it tasted.  The caramel and almonds added the perfect touch.  I usually like the ice cream on top of the brownie, but this time, I didn't mind because I liked the way it looked and I think it would have taken away from the creaminess of the ice cream.  Defiantly one you would want to share, just because it is so rich.  

So... Yummy!!!  If I had to rate it, it would be 4 scoops of ice cream out of 5!

The Memory and Adventure behind the brownie....
This is a funny story!  So I was in New Orleans for work and everyone at work kept giving me places to go eat.  It's all about eating in New Orleans.  One of the restaurants that was a repeat on every list was Zea's.  So I went... and I was not disappointed.  It was SO YUMMY!  I am hooked.  I have been craving it for the last week I've been home. While I was in Zea's it started thunder and lightening.  No biggy, right?  I'm from Texas, thunder and lightening doesn't mean anything in the summer....  Well, after my yummy meal and tasty brownie a la mode I took my left overs to my car before I went into Target for some toothpaste.   I go next door to Target, get my toothpaste and as I'm checking out I see everyone standing by the doors waiting to go outside.  I think, "Really people?  It's just rain.  Whimpy "'na leners."  

I get to the doors and I have to eat my words faster than I devoured that brownie a la mode.  I could not believe my eyes... and it's not because I haven't seen rain in over 3 months in Texas, but I kid you not... this rain wasn't not coming down like crazy, it was coming across like crazy.  Yup.  HORIZONTAL RAIN!  If I didn't know better I would think this was Katrina all over again.  Which... this gives me a whole new appreciation for those that went through Katrina.  Back to the story.  So I'm standing there thinking, "Man, how long do I need to wait?  I am tired.  I just want to get back to the hotel... I think I can run for it."  So I take my purse and put it in my Target bag... tie it up... take a deep breath... and run for it.  Now, keep in mind, I'm in flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt.  I'm splishing and splashing through this lake of a parking lot to my car.  I just get soaked!  To THE BONE!  I get in the protection of my warm rental... take a few breaths and all of a sudden.... bam... boom... bang... "What the...?"  I look around and there are shopping carts coming from all over slamming into my car!  I was so freaked out.  I start to pull out and drive into this horizontal rain and then the hail comes!  I'm now in my own personal puddle of water from my clothes and hair, freezing to death.  And let's be honest, probably a little shock too from this wetness that is coming out of the sky.   I start driving to the hotel, which was really close.  I pull into the parking lot and just then...  BAM!  Thunder sounded and then SNAP... darkness!  Power, gone.  I look up at my hotel... complete darkness.  I start thinking, "How am I going to get in through power driven sliding glass doors to the hotel... oh no, how am I going to use power driven room key to get into the solitude of my hotel room that will allow me to strip off these soaking wet clothes and crank up the heat... oh man.  I forgot my hoodie."  All of that went through my head in a matter of seconds.  Then it was, "Suck it up cupcake and run for it."  So I did.  Rain slapping me in the face....I get to the lobby and light... power... AC!  I was so cold!  I am just dripping.  I get to the elevator and just as I go to push the button another finger swoops in to push it... I look up and of course it's this gorgeous single guy standing there.  We get in the elevator... silence.  wait... silence... then I say, "It's a little wet out there."  Really?  That's the best you got?  I mind of well have said, "I carried a watermelon."  He didn't think it was funny.  He just said, "Nah, it's just a sprinkle."  Are you kidding me dude?  There were shopping carts flying at me.  That's no sprinkle!  I book it to my room... and of course I am at the end of this forever long hallway and he is only two doors down from me in this forever long hallway.  So I'm just sloshing and flopping in my flip flops down the hallway with this cute guy behind me.... it was like the moment in a scary movie when they are in a hallway and the lady is running down this long hallway and she keeps running and the hallway keeps getting longer and longer and she keeps running and running but the ghost is still following her and she's not going anywhere... yeah, that's how I felt... Finally, he stopped at his door.  I finally get to the comfort of my room... cloths off... heat shower...just shivering.... longing for one of my 10 hoodies at home.  

Around 11:00 that night my phone is dead.  My charger isn't working, so I got out to my car to see if my car charger will work... I walk out and you couldn't even tell it rained!  It dried up just like that!  CRAZY!  Seriously, a scary movie right?  Did that all really happen or was I in the Twilight Zone?  

The next night I go out for a run and I look up at the hotel and the front of the hotel that I was looking at the night before durning the power outage was a brick wall.  There were no windows on that side... hence the complete blackness the night before.  I just laughed.  My life is so humorous.  

What a funny night.  All in the name of a brownie a la mode!