Sunday, December 18, 2016

I'd come just for the Brownie if the Fajitas weren't so good! - Lupe's Tortillas

And the taste buds say....

"I will make room for this yumminess even though I am stuffed with fajitas!"  One wouldn't think that a Mexican restaurant would 1. have a brownie a la mode and 2. have such a delicious brownie a la mode.  Seriously.... this was Ah.mazing!  It was chewy on the inside (which all you followers... all 3 of you... know how much I love chewy brownies compared to the cake-like brownies) with a nice crunchy cover to it!  The walnuts were a perfect touch... I loved the caramel touch as well.  It was nice and warm, which made the ice cream start to melt making the ice cream nice and soft.  The portion was a good size after the meal, but if I came for just the brownie (which, who does that when you have Lupe's fajitas to eat...) I'd want a bigger piece.  Seriously though, it was ah.mazing.  I'm putting it up there with Papa's Seafood....making it my second favorite brownie a la mode in the city of Houston right now!  So Houston... who can beat this brownie a la mode?  

Rating:  4.5 scoops of ice cream!

The Story Behind the Brownie a la mode....

It has been awhile since I have updated my blog and yet, I have eaten many...many... brownie a la modes in the name of the blog and haven't posted them.... but because of the person that exposed me to this ah.mazing brownie, I feel I owe it to the world (all three of you that are following this....) to keep going... or at least post because I keep telling people I have this blog! So you all have Adam to thank for this and my future post.

Quick update since my last post... I have been in Houston now for over 14 months... and LOVE it.  I bought a house inside the loop...official an "inner Looper" here... and am loving the Urban living downtown Houston.  

When I first started looking in this area I was introduced to Adam by a mutual friend saying that he, Adam, would be a great help to me about learning about the area.  So Adam and I exchanged numbers...talked for a bit... and come to find out, I knew more about the area then he did!  LOL!  BUT... because of Adam my life has changed!  I now know about Jenni's Noodles, which I am addicted to, The popsicle place, AND.... Lupe's Tortillas.  and I'm pretty sure there will be more to add to this list.

This night we went to Lupe's... 'Try the beef fajitas,' he said.  "You won't be disappoint," he said.  "There's really no other reason to come to Lupe's." he said.  "in my opinion, the chicken fajita meet just sits there next to the beef meat and is a disappointment," he said.  So I tried the beef fajitas... He was right.  YUMMINESS!  So good!  Thank you Adam for introducing Lupe's fajitas to me.  You changed my life!  ...AND... And... I got to eat this yumminess of a brownie a la mode!  so to that... thank you as well!  AND....And... I was motivated to start up my blog again.... so thank you as well!

Here's to many more Lupe's visits... and discovering other cool Houston places!

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