Monday, March 28, 2016

Birthday Brownies!

Birthday full of Brownie Fun!  

OMG!  What a birthday of fun!  I had so many yummy brownie-a-la modes!  People know me well!  :)  What better gift then a yummy deliciousness of chocolate and ice cream and what ever else was topped on the brownie!  

As many of you know, I celebrate my birthday MONTH!  So a lot of it was celebrated in Houston, but then I went home to San Antonio to celebrate there with friends and family.  Such a fun birthday.  I'll only recap the brownie connections though...

Quick recap on all the fun - 

Top picture is at KERBEY LANE in Austin, Tx.  Even though I did not have a brownie a la mode this day... I have had it there several times... and I LOVE their brownie-a-la goodness.  Janet and I made a special trip up to Austin to enjoy Kerbey Queso and all their other good food (as seen in the picuture).  So I didn't have room for the brownie.  Our trip was to Austin with a stop in San Marcos to pick out my birthday gift at the Coach outlet, and Janet is such a great friend, she had to get one with me.  Fun tradition with Janet...buying purses.  

Friday night I spent with my folks!  They asked where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner.... I picked Bill Miller's Bar-B-Q!  I have been craving their fried chicken and brownies while I've been in Houston, so this was my first pick.  It was a fun night with mom & dad.  I love them so much!  I worked at Bill Miller's in High School.  It was fun coming back and reminiscing about the days of dropping chicken and scrubbing the floors.  I still love their brownies!  

Next photos are from Chili's!  I love Chili's!  We went there on March 17th after going to Sky Zone...hence the sweatiness.... We also watched the Gonzaga game... they won!  Chili's has a new brownie - a - la - mode.... and it's YUMMMMMY!  

And then, what better way to celebrate a birthday then to have a BROWNIE A LA MODE BAR!  Two of my best friends came to visit me with their families to celebrate and we had a brownie a la mode.  It was so perfect idea.  I love Lisa and Sunshine so much!  It was a blessing to have them here that weekend.  It was so fun having their families here too.  It was fun having the girls play together and get to know each other.  We spent the day at the Rodeo and then the big girls got to stay for the Billy Currington concert while the dad's took the little ones home.  It was a perfect weekend.  I am so grateful for their friendship!  

The next one was from Bordeaux in Houston.  I had gone to lunch my birthday week with a friend at work.  It was fun to catch up.  Their yummy brownie "cake" like thing was really delicious.  I was suppose to save it for two days....yeah, that didn't happen.  :)

Wednesday night, my birthday eve, I had a date to Dave and Busters.  I had already eaten, but had room for a BROOKIE!  It's a brownie and a cookie combined.  It was alright.  I'm glad I'm not doing a full blog just on that one cuz it wouldn't be in their favor.... it wasn't bad, nut not that yummy.  

And then, the last picture.... SO GOOD!  My mom made a double decker brownie a la mode with chocolate chunks and a layer of caramel topped with ice cream and drizzled with chocolate and caramel.  It was SOOO YUMMY!!!  I am so grateful for my mom and all that she does for me.  She is so giving.  She stayed up late the night before making my favorite dinner and the brownies.  I am so grateful for her love and all she does for me.  

I didn't take a picture, but my friends at work were amazing!  They decorated the office and made so many yummy foods and brought them in.  They made brownies, brought Buckee's kolachies, and so many other treats.  They made it a special special day!  The lab also surprised me with a cake!  It made me feel so special!  What a day!

So my birthday was  I felt so much love.  I am so grateful for all the people in my life that I have been blessed to have a part of it.  I feel honored to know them and I am the person I am because of their love and example.  Truly blessed!! 

It was an amazing birthday!  

So..... As you can see, I have eaten a lot of brownies!  In the process of this, Easter candy, and a rough year, I have gained a lot of weight... SOOOO... the future post for awhile will be catching up on brownies over the years.  And.... I am ready to loose the weight... so LOOSE the WEIGHT at 38 and get to 138!  Here I go!


  1. mmm... pistachio on brownies! Yum-o! and I love the table decorations for the brownie bar. They all look good to me. Love you much, and I'm so glad that you had an amazing birthday month. :)

  2. Love you so much too! I think you are the only one that reads my blog!! I love it!
    and yes... pistachio ice cream was yummy on it!